Consolar UK

Consolar UK are the UK distributors of Consolar thermal products for water heating and space heating systems, these include thermal stores, flat plate solar collectors, evacuated tube solar collectors, wood stoves and the SOLAERA heat pump system.

Through its patented construction SOLUS II guarantees quick and high solar energy exploitation without the additional use of pumps or regulators for the generation of hot water. With its very low heat loss, considerable amounts of CO2, energy and therefore money can be saved over the whole service life of SOLUS II.


There are two different types of solar thermal collector, flat plate collectors and  evacuated tube. Consolar offers industry leading versions of each type of collector, optimised not only for performance but also for appearance and to minimise environmental impact during production.


The Consolar Solaera system is a state of the art heating system for whole house heating and hot water supply. It has been specially designed to get the highest efficiencies whilst utilising as little space as possible. From the solar hybrid collectors to the space saving water/ice storage tank the Solaera has got many cutting edge features.


The LENIUS series stoves for living areas can be combined with Consolar solar power systems to achieve completely CO2-neutral heat supply. Wood is stored solar energy and the ideal complement for the modern house. At the same time, it creates a cosy atmosphere in the living room.