PLANO 27 Flat Plate Collector

The collector is aesthetically pleasing to the eye with a high-quality anthracite finish and fits in beautifully with any architectural style.

Easy Installation

Installing the lightweight collector is simple, thanks to the new and sturdy fastening profile. The collectors can be connected together so that they overlap like shingles, allowing the best possible use of the available roof space

Flexible Installation

PLANO 27 collectors are available as standing or inclined models. The tray means that the solar thermal system will always look good on your roof. It means that the collector can be installed in or on the roof or on a flat roof and it is almost always possible to find a suitable solution.

Low Maintenance

The lower collector edge of the PLANO 27 lies flush with the glass meaning that snow, rain, and dirt can easily drain off the bottom of the glass, preventing dust and moss build-up.

High Performance

The solar collector is the engine which drives a solar thermal system. It catches the sunlight via the absorber and converts it into energy for the hot water and heating support system. Thanks to the special anti-reflective solar glass and the serpentine piping arrangement of the absorber, the PLANO 27 ensures a particularly high-energy yield. The PLANO 27 is optimised for high yields even at dusk and on sunny wintry days. It is one of the highest efficiency (h0) panels on the market – 78% for the PLANO 27 V & 27 H and 82% for the PLANO 27 VAR.


New Collector Tubing

The tubes within the PLANO 27 use the newest developments in solar collector research. They consist of an upper and lower collector line that are connected through a serpentine absorber. In summer when the store is full, the solar fluid in the absorber evaporates. In contrast to other tubing systems, the entire fluid content is rapidly expelled from the absorber. This increases the service life and operational reliability of the entire system.

High quality and long service life

The most widely available frame collectors on the market are often either glued or riveted at the frame edges. After a few years of operation at high summer temperatures these types of collectors are no longer weather or air tight. This can result in a drop in efficiency and out put.

Consolar has developed a different design for the PLANO 27. The sealed aluminium tray reliably protects the absorber and the insulation against the weather for many years of operation, thereby ensuring a high long term annual energy yield.


The high quality Sunarc Solar glass & Interfloat Astra glass used in the PLANO 27's are applied in an environmentally sensitive process and because of its efficiency produces a particularly high heat yield.


Consolar provide a 10 year Guarantee for the PLANO 27.