Solaera Heat Pump System

The Consolar Solaera system is a state of the art heating system for whole house heating and hot water supply. It has been specially designed to get the highest efficiencies whilst utilising as little space as possible. From the solar hybrid collectors to the space saving water/ice storage tank the Solaera has got many cutting edge features. The system comprises a Solus II combi store, an Energy centre and a minimum of five Hybrid collectors. It can also be used in conjunction with a Log or pellet boiler stove giving greater flexibility and user control.


Solus II

The Solus II combines a thermal store with buffer tank making it ideal for efficient hot water delivery and buffer control of boilers whilst giving volume and excellent insulation to make the best use of any renewable energy. The stratification and load layering is all internal so no extra control is needed, in the summer the solar can heat the store from the top down thus saving the need for any form of boost. Due to the volume and levels of insulation it is possible to last for days of cloudy weather with out the need for back-up heating.


Energy Centre

The compact Energy centre houses the latent water/ice store, heat pump, system controller and control pump and valves pre connected making it a simple ‘plug and play’ solution.


Hybrid panels

When the sun shines it functions like a solar collector, which heats the solar fluid and transfers it to the combined storage tank or the latent heat storage tank.

When the sky is overcast ambient air is blown through the collector by means of a fan. This air gives off its heat to the circulating solar fluid, which is transported to the latent heat storage tank. There the heat can be supplied to the heat pump.


How does it work?

In the summer the solar panels work in normal operation heating the top of the thermal store first for instant use as hot water, limiting the amount of time the back up heat pump has to work. In the heating season the solar panels first put heat into the water/ice store heating it up to 20ºC. The heat pump can then take the energy out of the water turning it ice when the house requires heating. By using the phase change between ice and water a far greater amount of energy can be stored (the equivalent of 2500 litres of a hot water storage tank) with minimal losses making the unit small and compact. Any excess solar energy then goes into the bottom of the Solus II thermal store pre-heating the water so the heat pump runs less.

The Solaera is an efficient heating system for low energy houses.

  • Highly efficient heat pump system with COP of 4-7
  • No need for large excavation works or expensive deep holes.
  • For heat loads of 5-7Kw heating supply temp of 35 max.
  • Heat output can easily be increased with the addition of a room heater with boiler eg. Lenius log or Pellet room heating boilers.