Consolar Thermal Stores awarded the Blue Angel

The SOLUS II 560L and SOLUS II 1050L thermal stores from Consolar have been awarded the Blue Angel seal for optimising energy savings and climate protection. The steel combination thermal stores won the award for their particularly good energy-saving characteristics as they both have very effective heat insulation, which achieves optimum energy savings and reduces energy costs. Thermal Stores are especially useful in combination with solar collectors to bridge the time difference between heat availability through the sun's radiation and hot water consumption. According to the independent jury, this task is fulfilled optimally by both these thermal stores. The models SOLUS II 560L and 1050L are thus the only steel combination thermal stores on the market that carry the Blue Angel seal. More information on Consolars thermal stores

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Consolar provides solar technology for first emission-free polar station

Consolar has provided solar technology for the first ever emission free polar station in the Antarctic, the "Princess Elisabeth". The Belgian polar research station has been fitted with two solar heating systems enabling it to obtain all of it's heat, hot water and drinking water from renewable energy sources. The research station was planned, built and financed by the International Polar Foundation (IPF) and the Belgian government. In February 2009 the station started its work on researching climate change at the South Pole.

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